Let’s get the party started!


So as things would have it, I am about 5-6 weeks late on starting this blog. The original intent was to blog about my training and experiences during my time as a dancer with the 2013 Gloucester County Dancing with the Stars. I am now heading into my third practice with my partner so I have a fair a

mount to catch up on so that these entries can be more up to date.

It all started back in January during the Greater Woodbury Chamber of Commerce coffee clatch. Barry Coniglio, the chamber president, was telling the group that they were still looking for dancers for the 2013 Gloucester County Dancing with the Stars. Now I know several of the past dancers and have helped support them. During that time, I thought about do it but I never really knew if I wanted to do or how to get involved. Well, I was telling John Campbell, the Executive Director of the chamber, about this and, I swear, the next thing I know Barry is shaking my hand and giving me a hug thanking me for volunteering. Well I guess that took care of my two issues right there.

I next had to come up with a charity that I wanted to represent. That was the easy part. I immediately chose Civil Air Patrol as my charity. I have been a member with the organization for the past 28 years and this was a perfect venue to not only advertise the organization but also do some serious fundraising which can be difficult for our organization. I’ll talk later in more detail about Civil Air Patrol and why you want to throw money at them, and you will throw money at them (excuse the Jedi mind tricks).

Let’s now fast forward to May because that is where the real fun begins – Dance practice! The six dancers; me, Rob, Bonnie, Kathy, Keith, and Angela (don’t worry, you will get to know them soon as well) met with Gene LaPierre and his instructors to do our group lessons. We laughed, we cried, we held notebooks. Keith kept fielding calls from his mother and Rob was the first guy to get his “magic” shoes. Then there was the wonderful practice where just the guys showed up. I say it wonderful because we really needed the extra attention even if Jonathan did have us do some Karate Kid “wax on-wax off” stuff balancing notebooks while dancing.

So we are all done with our group lessons and have started with our individual partner for the competition. I have the luck and honor of being paired with Christy Kam. She has participated in a couple of the past events, so she knows how they work and she is a great instructor. I did not think we would be this far ahead in such a short period of time. Now that I have caught you up, I can spend more time on some of the details as I move forward. I may also go back and discuss some of things that have already happened as well. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions and most importantly show your support. If not for me, at least one of the other dancers and their charity that touches you. All of the dancers want all of us to be successful with their fundraising because that is what this is really all about. The dancing is just the fun part and hopefully it will be fun for you reading this as well.

One thought on “Let’s get the party started!

  1. I’m so proud of you, Honey, even though I still can’t believe you are going to dance publicly. You’ll be amazing!

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