So how far does my donation go?

So in the last post I answered the question about what is an appropriate amount to donate and how that can be multiplied through your friends and family. So the next big question asked is “How does my donation help the organization?” Well, that is a great question and here are a few ways that your donation helps out the unit.

One $20 donation can cover the operating cost for the squadron for one month. Fortunately, we do not have a lot of regular expenses thanks to our host at the NJ National Guard Armory in Cherry Hill. Our biggest reoccurring expense is our broadband service.

Two $20 donations ($40) can help buy a pair of boots for a cadet that may not be able to afford them. Black combat style boots are part of our BDU uniform which is also the uniform that we wear the most during our time in the program.

Three $20 donations ($60) can purchase one set of BDU uniforms for a cadet. This is just the uniform, this does not include boots, insignia or anything else.

Four $20 donations ($80) can subsidize 50% of the cost for a cadet to attend a basic encampment. This is a week long program that is required for cadets to become cadet officers as well as a prerequisite to attend other special activities that CAP offers annually such Falcon Flight, PJOC, Cadet Officer School and IACE.

Five $20 donations ($100) can cover the cost of one hour of flying time in a CAP aircraft. While all our flights that we do during missions are covered by the Air Force or the organization the request us, training flights for our crews are not always covered. This hour can help a three person aircrew perform proficiency training to keep their skills strong and current or allow us to qualify a new aircrew member in their initial training.

So as you can see, $20 can go along way in our unit to helping us train our cadets as well keep us ready to perform our missions for America.

Our goal is to raise enough money to set aside $2000-$3000 for cadet “scholarships” to help with uniforms, activity cost, and in some cases membership fees. There have been times in the past where parents have not been able to keep their child in the program due to these cost because of the loss of jobs or other financial hardships. We do not want to see cadets lose out because of money. It would be great if we could run large activities at no cost to the members or be able to outfit cadets with the uniforms and equipment they need without the parents having to take on the burden of the cost.

We also want to set up an “Aircrew Simulator” at our unit so that our aircrews can train while on the ground through flight simulator programs and equipment. I had the opportunity to use a simulator created by members of the Texas Wing Civil Air Patrol that consisted of three monitors, two flight control setups and Flight simulator software developed for us that allowed us to create a realistic cockpit environment where the aircrew could fly missions and train for emergencies during missions, practice our planned missions before going up in the real thing, and reviewing our missions afterwards to address issues that occurred during the mission. The cost for the complete setup is estimated to be about $2000.

So our total fundraising goal for us is $5,000. This will help us achieve both of these goals. If we raise more money we will use it for some of our other projects that we are looking at becoming more involved in with our members such as participating in CyberPatriot, a national high school cyber security competition hosted by the Air Force Association and Northrop Grumman, model rocketry, and communications. These programs will hopefully help inspire our cadets to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

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