I need a fan club and you want dinner and a show

Ok, I need a fan club and you want a dinner and a show. As many of you know, I am dancing this year with Gloucester County Dancing with the Stars raising money for Civil Air Patrol. In less than two weeks, I will have the opportunity to show what I have been working on. August 12th and 13th at Auletto Caterers in Deptford. On these two nights our performances will be taped and broadcast on Comcast channel 5 until the finale on Sept 26th at Auletto Caterers.

I have 30 seats for my “fan club” on each night. The two nights in August are free to attend and spectators are encouraged to bring signs and cheer on their dancer. If you would like to come out and watch me dance and cheer me on, please let me know through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or email which night(s) you plan on coming by. I want to make sure that I have enough space for my family, friends and other supporters. During the two nights, all the dancers will be performing the four dance styles we have been working on; East Coast Swing, Country Two-Step, the Waltz, and the Polka (yes, the Polka).

If you want to come to the finale which is when all the dancers are presented checks representing the money raised for their charity, other awards are presented, and watch us perform our “signature” dance which will be a more elaborate version of one or more of the four dances you will need to purchase tickets. If you but tickets from me you will be seated at one of my tables. It is $50 per ticket and includes dinner.

So let’s have some fun (mostly at my expense). Please let me know if you can come out. Also, please follow my blog at http://colonelizzy.com where I talk about my experiences during this great opportunity, the fundraising we are doing and how you can help.Image

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